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What our students have to say:

Great location, great concept, wonderful people and amazing jam sessions. I think the idea of extending the event by one day is excellent and the more relaxed teaching plan is also a real improvement. With such an intensive daily routine, I was glad of the opportunity to recharge my batteries.
Thomas Massing – Lörrach, Germany

Thanks to everyone for the week. I look forward to attending next year.
Helena O’Donnell – London, UK

Thank you for organizing this amazing get-together of fine people and musicians from all over Europe. It is not only about music and instruments, it is also a retreat in the best sense, a healing experience if you will. The week in Kleebach has been an unforgettable experience giving musical inspiration and new friendships.
Thomas Kellerth – Örebro, Sweden

Concentrated instruction in small classes over a period of several days is quite different from regular weekly lessons with a teacher. The sheer joy of playing at the evening sessions made it clear that the students couldn't get enough and were willing to sacrifice a large part their sleep requirements in order to experience this. The organisation was highly professional, the house was perfect and the lack of neighbours permitted jamming til the break of dawn. All instructors deserve the highest praise. With the patience of saints they answered every irritating question and were always ready to address subjects requested by students.
Ruediger Schultze-Strasser – Maintal Hochstadt, Germany

This was my first time at Le kleebach, but certainly not the last! Thanks to all of you (organisers, instructors and students) for this great week spent together sharing our passion for music. The European Music Workshops took place in an beautiful atmosphere of community, like being part of a big family!
Franco Morreale – Longeville-lès-Metz, France  

Thank you so much Steve and Dave! You're fantastic teachers, both in terms of your abilities and from the human perspective. Steve is an unbelievable harp player with an immense fund of knowledge about the instrument; his passionate enthusiasm for helping us work out our concert pieces and his support during the sessions were equally impressive. Dave, again and again your guitar playing leaves us speechless, as does your ability to convey powerful emotions with your music which the listener cannot ignore. Martin, the fastest hands I've ever seen! You share your amazing knowledge of the world of music with us and teach the secrets of groove in a relaxed and enjoyable manner that's just unbeatable. And what would the evening sessions be without you all? It's both a pleasure and an honour for us. It's great that in Le Kleebach you make it possible to combine concentrated and rewarding work on the instruments with such an enjoyable social occasion! Robert, thanks for the perfect organisation and for your patience, when the sessions on the terrace went on "a little longer". A summer without Kleebach? I can no longer imagine it!
Yvonne Hehnen – Siegburg, Germany

I can only say, how lucky that I came! It's rare to get so much input in such a short space of time. Super location, great instructors and a unique "family" of musicians. I'll be raving about it to anyone who asks (and even anyone who doesn't). Thankyou, thankyou thankyou, I'll be coming back for the next 10 years …
Heiko Neumann – Löbau, Germany

A terrific week of making music. Le Kleebach has (again) given a huge boost to my enthusiasm about playing harmonica. If only I’d started doing this 20 years ago…
Jos Leijen – Ag Vourhout, Netherlands

You did a terrific job of making this week of music an unforgettable experience. Everything was right  -  the classes, the catering, the rooms, the numerous conversations with you or with other participants, the evening sessions and of course the superb final concert.
Joachim Hudewentz – Freiburg, Germany

The time in Alsace was really intense. I was very happy to get to know you all, your refreshingly uncomplicated and cheerful approach, and of course your high degree of musical competence.
Irène Capello Winterthur, Switzerland

Thanks everyone involved, It was a great week in every aspect !!!
Göran Gruber – Motala, Sweden

This was my 5th Kleebach workshop and I can say all of them are unforgettable. But I have a feeling that this one will be more unforgettable than the four previous ones. Most students will probably remember the big jams inside the house. But I will never forget the singing, early in the morning, on the patio outside. There is only one entry missing on the schedule: when is it time to sleep ?
Thomas Massing – Lörrach, Germany

The workshop in Le Kleebach was a highpoint in my year, I was virtually flying all the way home. Many thanks once again for the excellent organisation and implementation of the whole event, it was really perfect!
Jürgen Luppert – Landau, Germany

Thank you for this exceptional concert evening. It was a magical moment!
Martine Baeder – Gunsbach, France

This was a super (short) week and the advice of maestro Steve Baker regarding "good tone and intonation" has been invaluable. A fine teacher! Le Kleebach is a lovely place into the bargain, and these workshops are a really great idea.
Grégory Calderaro, Paris, France

We would like to thank you all for your phenomenal input over the past few days. I will be feeding from that input for quite a while and I have planned to play music regularly from now on. I learned an awful lot thanks to your positive energy and your commitment to engaging all participants. The workshop was highly inspiring and that is certainly due to your musical expertise, endless tolerance and patience and your full-on engagement. So thanks very much for everything.
Emanuel Douglas Donhauser – Montreux, Switzerland

Once again this was an awesome week which passed much too quickly. A vocal class fits in really well and was a marvelous addition to the program. The singers loved singing with a band, for them that was the icing on the cake, so to speak. Yogi is a great teacher. You can't help seeing how much time, energy and work he invested in the workshop.
Thomas Massing – Loerrach, Germany

It was my third workshop in Alsace. This year's stay in Le Kleebach was even more fun than the previous ones. Thanks to Robert for the great organisation. The new vocal class was a terrific addition to the event, please keep it up! Cajon with Yogi is also a must for next year in my opinion.
Urs Mumenthaler – Bern, Switzerland

Many thanks for the wonderful time. That really did us good !!!
Olivia, Franck and Gaetano Bergman – Johannesberg, Germany

It wasn't easy to get up today after such an intensive, inspiring and fantastic week. Five days learning and jamming with the best is a real joy. Thanks Robert for your tireless engagement and great praise to Steve, Dave and Yogi. I'll be back …
Kai Hoffmann Ennetbaden, Switzerland

Thank you for organizing this camp. It was the first time that I met real musicians and it changed me a lot. I know my current position and I know where I want to get and I know more or less how to get there. I got much more out of the last week than I expected. And thank you for the tongue blocking bending too.
Andras Csaba – Zürich, Switzerland

A wonderful week and a great show on Saturday night, thanks to Robert Koch, Martin Röttger, Dave Goodman and Steve Baker!
Christoph Tegel – Muehltal, Germany

Just a word to thank you again for the quality of the event. The place and commodities were perfect. I much appreciated Steve as a teacher and player. He is precise, giving in depth detail and passing from theory to practice as quick as it is required by the subject. Above all, he is so easy to understand as is the case when reading from his books which I discovered and acquired during the event. Simply amazing that he can so easily use a few simple words to make complexity a piece of cake.
Jean-Yves Madeo – Paris, France

Je veux encore vous dire un grand bravo et un grand merci pour l'organisation et la réussite de ce stage!Tous les participants ont vécu une semaine intense et fraternelle dans ce blues qui sait si bien rassembler et faire partager. Avec des maîtres aussi talentueux et virtuoses, toujours à l'écoute, bons vivants de surcroît, il ne pouvait en être autrement.Bravo donc sur toute la ligne!
Patrick Breitel – Breitenbach, France

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